Agreement & Work Plan

The A&WP is a milestone in charting a new path for land management within the Clearwater Basin. Signees acknowledge it is a comprehensive approach designed to address the diverse and often competing interests within the Basin. While CBC members recognize this to be an evolving agreement as new information and agreements are forged, their signatures represent commitment to work through these issues over time. The A&WP outlines seven major components:

  • Forest Management
  • Rural Economic Needs and County Funding
  • Honoring Tribal Sacred and Special Places
  • Wilderness, Wild & Scenic Rivers and Special Management Areas
  • Wildlife Management
  • Recreation & Outfitters and Guides

CBC Agreement and Work Plan

Operating Protocols

The CBC currently consists of 23 members. Two elected co-chairs and a steering committee provide leadership. Tasks are divided among subcommittees who assess issues and identify potential solutions. All decisions are made by consensus as defined in the group’s Operating Protocols.

CBC Operating Protocols, May 2016

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