Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program

On March 30, 2009, President Barack Obama signed the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 into law.  Embedded within the bill was Title IV, titled Forest Landscape Restoration, the purpose of which was to “…encourage the collaborative science-based ecosystem restoration of priority forest landscapes….”  The law authorized the Secretary of Agriculture to establish the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program to treat “priority” landscapes that were covered by a restoration strategy that was substantially complete and identified and prioritized restoration treatments for a ten year period for a landscape that was:  1) at least 50,000 acres; 2) comprised primarily of National Forest System lands; 3) in need of active ecosystem restoration; and 4) in proximity to appropriate existing or proposed wood-processing infrastructure.

To be eligible for funding in accordance with the Act, Congress required that landscape proposals:  incorporate the best available science; reduce hazardous fuels by focusing on small diameter trees while maximizing the retention of large trees; and implement treatments without the establishment of permanent roads.

As the name of the program implies, the Act encouraged collaboration, requiring all proposals to be developed and implemented through a collaborative process that included multiple interested persons representing diverse interests and a transparent, nonexclusive process.



A partnership between the US Forest Service and the Clearwater Basin Collaborative.


For more information on the project, such as NEPA documents or other project documents, please visit the  US Forest Service Project Page

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