Forest Health

The CBC can represent a broad swath of community interests that care about national forest management. That said, we do not suggest that we represent all interests and we emphasize the need for the Forest Service to solicit and consider other opinions and public input from diverse stakeholders who care about the Clearwater Basin.

The Forest Health Subcommittee focuses on the project level collaboration with the Forest Service.  Project level collaboration includes in-depth discussion and review of specific projects on these subjects and more:

  • Roads
  • Active Timber Management
  • Stream Restoration
  • Old Growth
  • Wildland Urban Interface
  • Post Fire Salvage

Current Projects in Collaboration

  1. Clear Creek Integrated Restoration Project
  2. Strychnine Pine
  3. Barnyard South
  4. Orogrande Fuels
  5. Lolo Insect and Disease
  6. Hungry Ridge Fuels
  7. Crooked River Valley Restoration
  8. Lowell Wildland Urban Interface
  9. French Larch
  10. Woodrat Salvage



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