The Idaho GEM Trail – A GEM of an opportunity

Idaho GEM TrailOn October 13, 2016 the Clearwater Progress of Kamiah, Idaho wrote the following article regarding the Idaho GEM Trail and the opportunity for recreation and rural economic stimulation.



By Ben Jorgensen, The Clearwater Progress

Providing motorized access along a well branded forest trail could open the door to a wealth of recreational and economic possibilities in north central Idaho.

“We think this area is a real gem for recreation opportunities and it’s not just hunting and fishingthat most people think about,” said Randy Doman, Co-Chair of the Clearwater Basin Collaborative’s Recreation Subcommittee and member of the Idaho Parks and Recreation.  “It’s a lot of other things.  As these mountain bikers come along, they are looking for more opportunities.”  More opportunities is what the Gem State offers and more specifically – the GEM Trail.

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